Annoucing Mega Mini-Workshops to Help Participants Succeed!

10/19/2015 | By Julian Bryant

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[caption id="attachment_31773" align="alignleft" width="585"]Teams working during the 2014 Mega event. Teams working during the 2014 Mega event.[/caption]

Recently with Startup Weekend events, we've been blessed to have leaders volunteer their time to create events to support various communities including our Women's Edition, Education, FashionMilitary Veterans, and Social Impact events. To balance this, the original inspiration for last year's Mega event was to do an event where every type of new business idea was encouraged and supported. This included our first-ever outreach to the Maker community with our partnership with Fab Lab. This year, we're creating another great, inclusive event - but better in several ways!

Event Mini-Workshops

Startup Weekend is about teams learning and experimenting with new skills that will help the founders be successful entrepreneurs. To support that we will be offering optional mini-workshops to introduce participants to some information and techniques they can use with their teams. Here are some of the topics:

  • Intro to Lean Methodology: How do you know your idea is something that the market actually wants? Get a quick introduction to customer validation and learn about some great resources for learning more.
  • Intro to Maker Tools: What is a laser cutter? What can and can't you build with 3D printers? After this workshop you'll have a better understanding of what is possible the current tools on the market.
  • Intro to the World of App Dev.: So your startup needs an app, but you're a non-technical person. In this session we'll explore iOS vs Android dev
  • Pitching 101: On Sunday teams make a 5-minute pitch to a panel of judges. Learn the basics of what makes an effective an powerful pitch.
  • Hardware Startup Economics: Creating a startup based on physical products is very different than purely digital (web, app) based startups. Learn more about how to create reasonable business models these types of startups.

All of these optional sessions will take place at the library during Startup Weekend Mega on Oct. 30th to Nov. 1st and are free to participants. We hope these help individuals and teams get even more out of the weekend. Register for the event today at