Brain Corp Tech Empowers Entrepreneurs to Create Amazing New Products and Startups

11/17/2014 | By Julian Bryant

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We were very fortunate at the Startup Weekend Maker event in San Diego to have Brain Corporation come onboard as a sponsor. Not only did they financially support the event, but they also donated some great bStem boards to the participants to use in their startups, as well as send engineers to help teams integrate the technology. I asked Brain Corp to provide some more details about how their tech helps entrepreneurs. Below some great info from them about their technology platform...

Bringing a robot to market can be prohibitively expensive and complex, and traditional programming solutions lead to products that aren't adaptable and lack true intelligence. With Brain Corporation's technology, entrepreneurs and startups have access to high-performance, low-power mobile hardware that's been specifically tuned for robotics and is easy to develop on. Their bStem platform, an integrated solution with all sensors on one board, is designed to be an advanced brain for robots boasting features like stereo-vision and an easy to use on-board development environment. Their BrainOS software allows developers to leverage training,significantly reducing programming efforts. Complex behaviors can be developed without the need for advanced Artificial Intelligence domain expertise. With BrainOS, end-users can even customize behaviors through a simple, intuitive training interface.

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