Startup Weekend Magic: Making the Most of the Event

10/27/2014 | By Julian Bryant

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[caption id="attachment_21070" align="alignleft" width="355"]Damain and his team Damian and Breadcrumbs Team[/caption]

I recently asked some past participants of Startup Weekend San Diego to share their story of participating in the event. Here is one person's perspective:

"The inspiration, ideas, practices, and people that I was exposed to during that one weekend have altered the course of my life forever.

I will share something that I experienced and call 'Startup Weekend Magic'.  The truth is that it is real and you can experience it and all the amazing experiences that it can manifest.  The secret to this "magic" is for one to focus their energy, heart, and intelligence on being positive, helpful, and synergistic with all, no matter who you interface with, what the idea is, or what odds you think you are up against at the time.

The priceless impact that Startup Weekend had on my life was showing me that this 'magic' not only works in the microcosm of the weekend....but guess what...the it works everywhere else I have tried it in the macrocosm of life.

This is your chance!  Leave your ego at the door, keep an open mind and heart by remembering how to be a kid again, create things that help others, and just be fearless and play!

Implement this practice and the magic of Startup Weekend will manifest for you also and I promise that you will have an experience that is beyond priceless towards evolving you into the being that you know you can and deserve to be.

Thank you Startup Weekend and all those that make it possible you have my extreme gratitude forever and I will always spread this magic to others."

-Damian Cutillo is Co-Founder of AirBitz (