Highway 1 Sponsors Startup Weekend SD MEGA

10/20/2014 | By Julian Bryant

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

[caption id="attachment_20637" align="alignleft" width="314"]Image of Highway 1 Interview Highway 1 Video Interview on Techcrunch[/caption]

When we decided to do this MEGA Startup Weekend in San Diego we wanted to bring in support for both hardware and software entrepreneurs. We were fortunate that Highway 1 came on as the first sponsor.

Highway 1 is a great hardware startup incubator in the bay area. They specialize in helping teams with hardware product prototypes move beyond the prototype stage and create a business that can scale their production. Take a look at this video from Techcrunch that profiles the Highway 1 incubator.

Highway 1 and our other sponsors have made it possible for us to pull together what is going to be a great event for San Diego hardware and software entrepreneurs. We're excited for what teams are going to be able to accomplish and experience during the weekend, so register now.

Event Details

Startup Weekend San Diego MEGA

November 14th-16, 2014