Navrina Singh Speaks at Startup Weekend SD MEGA

10/21/2014 | By Michael Prince

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[caption id="attachment_20716" align="alignleft" width="208"]navrinasingh copy Navrina Singh Speaks on STEM and Innovation[/caption]

We are excited to welcome Navrina Singh, Director of Business Development in Qualcomm labs and head of Qualcomm's global innovation program, ImpaQt, as the keynote speaker for our upcoming San Diego MEGA StartUp Weekend!

When creating this StartUp Weekend event, our goal was to evoke innovation and inspiration. Navrina Singh, with her numerous years of experience creating programs that encourage the creation of innovative ideas in order to impact future technology, will be the perfect representative of innovation and inspiration for the hardware and software entrepreneurs in attendance. Watch this video to see Navrina speak about how the catalyst of innovation begins with you.

Navrina and our other speakers' experiences have made it possible for us to create an incredible opportunity for the sharing of inspiration and new innovations. We are excited to see what new ideas teams come up with over the weekend event, so register now.

Event Details                                                                                                           Startup Weekend San Diego MEGA                                                                           November 14 - 16th, 2014