The Acquisition of Startup Weekend by Techstars

12/22/2015 | By Nathan Fritter

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The event “Startup Weekend” was created in 2007 by Andrew Hyde in Boulder, Colorado. In 2009 the brand UP Global was acquired (promoting and financing Startup Weekend) and rolled out as a non-profit dedicated to “...exposing more people to the transformative power of entrepreneurship.” Since then, there have been 1200+ events in 500+ cities in 100+ countries, kickstarting the career of over 150,000 aspiring entrepreneurs.

In 2015, UP Global was acquired by the company Techstars; one of the biggest changes this move brought was the fact that UP Global lost its non-profit status. While this was unfortunate, the acquisition was seen by many as a great success. For more info on the acquisition, here’s a great article explaining it and why this move was HUGE for the startup community: