An incredible opportunity awaits you at Startup Weekend SCV!

10/30/2016 | By Tom Beckett

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This is your last chance to apply for Startup Weekend SCV!

What if you had an opportunity, next weekend, to apply what you’ve learned on the job or in school this year and create something the world is missing? To gain incredible experience to help you think more like an entrepreneur and provide more value to your company or your community?


Less than a week from now, the third Startup Weekend SCV will be in full swing. (Nov 4 - 6)

Here are some of the highlights from last year:


  • 42 like minded individuals entered on Friday night
  • 26 ideas were pitched with high energy and enthusiasm
  • 7 startups were formed and worked all three days to validate, develop, and bring their ideas to life
  • 13 brilliant coaches guided teams throughout the weekend
  • 5 judges, comprised of investors and business experts, observed the Sunday night demos and gave positive feedback
  • 3 of the top placing teams successfully entered into the Global Startup Battle
  • 2 workshops provided resources and insight for budding entrepreneurs
  • 1 keynote speaker shared his $8 million dollar success story

That all happened in 1 weekend…

This year’s organizing team is bigger, badder, and extremely excited to bring you an even grander event. What can you expect this year?

  • Meet your future co-founder(s)
  • Take an opportunity to pitch the next big thing
  • Work with talented people already in your community
  • Receive guidance from business experts, some who have even sold their companies for millions
  • Pitch to a group of judges who are real-life investors and influencers
  • Attend complimentary startup workshops that typically cost hundreds
  • Work as a team to win free coworking space, an investor meeting, and your first investment


November will be the month you say goodbye to the wantrepreneur within and make the transition to an entrepreneur at Startup Weekend SCV! Startup Weekend is about seizing an opportunity that has already enriched and changed countless lives for the better. Go for it! Hurry and get your ticket now because tickets are capped at 100! See you on November 4th!

P.S. You will feast like kings this weekend as we will make sure to keep your bellies full and your bodies energized by providing breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the snacks, soda, and coffee you can consume!