Announcing Techstars Seattle Class of 2016!

02/23/2016 | By Chris DeVore

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We are excited to announce the nine companies that will be joining the Techstars Seattle 2016 program. This is our seventh year of Techstars Seattle -- past classes have helped launch the success of companies like Remitly, Outreach, Bizible, Leanplum and Apptentive -- and our program offers accepted companies access to the strongest ecosystem of investors, mentors, founders and corporate partners in the Pacific Northwest.

As with past classes, our 2016 class embodies the best of our regional innovation ecosystem, tapping unique centers of excellence like space / satellite communications, data visualization, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs / drones), online gaming, retail and enterprise SaaS. The program begins on Monday, February 22 and culminates with a Community Demo Day on May 18th, where the companies will pitch their solution and seek investments from top Pacific Northwest angel investors and venture capitalists.

The nine companies in the Techstars Seattle Class of 2016 are listed below:

Beam: connecting gamers through interactive live streaming

DroneSeed: replanting forests safer and 10X cheaper. Using drones.

Fig Loans: affordable credit for low income families.

Keepe: efficient marketplace connecting Property Managers & Contractors.

Kepler Communications: real-time access to space borne data.

Reflect: embedded analytics for your app.

Shyft: shift swapping made easy.

Subcurrent: a Slack bot for collecting simple and powerful feedback at work.

Validated: free shipping for yourself!