Techstars in Seattle 2014 applications are now open!

03/18/2014 | By Andy Sack

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Hi, I’m Andy Sack. I’ve had the pleasure of being the Managing Director of Techstars in Seattle for the past four years and I’m excited to announce that we have opened applications for our fifth program.

Top four reasons you should apply to the Seattle program:

1. You'll be mentored by the best and your network will explode. Seattle’s startup community is a big one with a strong, northwest frontier spirit. You’ll be instantly connected with Seattle’s high quality mentors, investors and resources. Get ready to be surrounded by like-minded, helpful Seattleites everywhere you go!

2. Your company will accelerate. A wasted year in the technology space can make you outdated and worse, miss your market window. Why would you delay?

3. You'll be in the center of the Seattle tech scene. There’s no question that the tech community in Seattle is expanding at a rapid rate. Be in the middle of it all surrounded by Amazon, Microsoft and tons of amazing startups.

4. Seattle is beautiful. Yeah, you might hear people complain about the rain, but not to worry since Techstars takes place during our best months. Seattle is surrounded by amazing day hikes, camping trips, kayaking, and basically any outdoor activity you could ever imagine is here!  And yes-- you will see the sun too.

If Seattle sounds like a place you want to spend three months working on your startup then I’d like to invite you and your co-founders to apply to the Seattle program and give your company an unfair advantage. Applications for Seattle are open. Early application deadline is April 13th and final deadline is May 4th.