Final Presentations for Startup Weekend Kirkland

11/16/2014 | By C. Blaise Mitsutama

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Come to Google’s Kirkland campus tonight at 5:00 pm to hear innovative companies from Startup Weekend Kirkland Maker Edition pitch their business ideas! Check out the exciting lineup for tonight with 15 teams that are building products and businesses across consumer, professional, and healthcare industries amongst others.

Here are the companies that are presenting tonight, in no particular order:

  1. Necessity One: Solving the world water problem one pet at a time.

  2. Drone Environmental Water Sampler (D.E.W.S.): Drone water quality measurement and sampling

  3. esperLINQ: On-the-go support for people in recovery (wearable tech)

  4. Remora Toothbrush: Your personal dental assistant

  5. Drone Gesture: Allows the user to command their drone with easy to remember arm gestures.

  6. LightBoard: Interactive lighting for snowboards

  7. Fensens: Low speed fender bender avoidance for vehicles

  8. Buzz Battle: Socially disruptive pub games

  9. 3rdEyeSafety: Security sensor to ID unauthorized user

  10. Concept Libby: A system of smart furniture engineered to increase the impact of your venue while fostering customer interaction

  11. ooDoo: GPS tracking for your car

  12. Gaming Console for Dogs: Rewarding toys for dogs

  13. Smart Patient Assist: Improve the interaction between patients and providers in assisted living centers

  14. Connected Backpack: Modern backpack for tech gear

  15. Internet of things for the bong