Lynne Gregg on the Future of Healthcare: "Telemedicine, 3D Printing, Internet of People, Evolving Models"

02/11/2015 | By Brian Crouch

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Lynne Gregg, a leading health industry Project Manager Consultant in Seattle, shared her predictions for the future of Healthcare in 2015 and beyond:

Technology advances, reform, and changing business models have begun to rock the core of the U.S. healthcare sector and the evolution will continue. I predict four areas will be standouts in 2015:

1. Telemedicine - The rapid adoption of the technology will occur in 2015, delivering cost-effective access to healthcare services, particularly in areas facing critial shortages of primary care physicians.ctor and the evolution will continue. I predict four areas will be standouts in 2015:

2. Medical Applications for 3D Printing - Whether it's printing medical casts, prostheses, drugs, organs and other body parts, 3D printing (bioprinting) is a very exciting area. During 2014, many promising trials were in progress in leading medical research facilities and within big pharma.

3. Internet of People: There will be continued growth in wearables as tools for both prevention and chronic care monitoring.

4. The Evolving Healthcare Model: The traditional healthcare model is rapidly changing with the growth of ACO's, employer wellness programs, and retail healthcare.

Each of these promises to improve quality of life and extend high quality services at lower costs than ever before.

Read more in depth and excellent analysis at her blog.

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