Ship it: Creators depend on creators

02/24/2015 | By Brian Crouch

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The Wright Brothers were never top-ranked pilots. J. Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press, did not become a famous author or journalist. Philo Farnsworth never produced a TV series, though he invented the television. Stradivarius the Luthier did not achieve worldwide fame as a violinist.

Names forever associated with their Art-- and they didn't need to learn to fly loop-de-loops, or play in a concert hall. They are a part of all that was to come.

The shipwrights of HMS Victoria did not travel with Magellan. Surgical tool engineers are not surgeons. Industrial designers of microphones and mixers tend not to have gold records or top ten hits.

So few ever learn the names of the craftsmen, the innovators, yet they too were a part of all that was to come from their efforts.

How much would never have happened, if not for people such as these? It's unknowable.

And thus what they've produced for the world is beyond calculation.

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