Tech Cocktail's "8 Ways" to Maximize Your Time Investment at Startup Weekend

02/12/2015 | By Brian Crouch

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Orren Prunckun, a veteran of Startup Weekends on three continents, recently wrote an article about how to get the most out of a Startup Weekend. His full post is very much worth a read. In his post he shares the logic undergirding each point below in depth, whereas I'm only posting the overview list here:

  1. Overcome procrastination.
  2. Meet people you can’t normally access.
  3. Network with potential co-founders.
  4. Deliberate team creation
  5. Validate a product
  6. Sell and make money
  7. Build a Minimum Viable Product  
  8. Win prizes 

I know several successful founders who can trace much of their path to success to attending Startup Weekend... the friendships they made, the professional networks, they tapped into. For example, Aviel Ginzburg, one of the founders of Simply Measured. In the video below (filmed at Thinkspace in Fremont) he shares about how many powerful relationships began with attending Startup Weekend when he arrived in Seattle:


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