Joblie Wins 2013 Kirkland Startup

10/19/2014 | By Stephanie Dickson

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Joblie was born at Startup Weekend Kirkland in October 2013.

Twelve strangers decided to spend a weekend together trying to figure out a way to allow people to make money doing small jobs on their smartphones during the idle moments of their days.

Since launching this spring, Joblie has 2,500 workers all over the country who have completed over 100,000 tasks- all on their smartphones.

Adam Dreiblatt, CEO at Joblie, whose team won Kirkland Startup Weekend 2013 says, "We offer our users a chance to “Be Heard, Have Fun and Get Paid. Startup Weekend offered our company, Joblie, a chance to turn a kernel of an idea into a business."

Adam continues, "We are huge fans of Startup Weekend- it’s a fantastic way to meet people, learn new skills and test out that entrepreneurial idea."

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Adam Dreiblatt is CEO at Joblie, a crowdsourcing and market research company based in Seattle, Washington.