Seattle Pitch Karaoke… What is it anyway?

08/05/2014 | By Seijen

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August 28th marks the 2nd Startup Weekend Bootcamp that Seattle has hosted this year and we're hoping to make it something really special.

BattleDecks (aka PowerPoint Karaoke) is "an improvisational activity in which a participant must deliver a presentation based on a set of slides that they have never seen before." (Wikipedia-official definition y'all)

As far as we can tell, in Seattle, this has only been done once before by Creative Mornings which was both 1) a blast and 2) a learning experience.

As part of the Seattle Startup Community, we at UP Global HQ are excited to resurrect this nifty activity with our own little twist.

1) We're gonna make it all about pitching startups!

2) We're gonna do it at night, over drinks!

3) We're gonna learn something!

Behold, PITCH KARAOKE! An untraditional take on pitch prep featuring 6 mystery pitch-decks, 6 unprepared pitchers, laughs, learning, and beer.

Pitch Karaoke seeks to support anyone interested in startups and entrepreneurship by:

- helping people overcome public speaking fears

- educating the community on the critical elements of a 5 minute pitch presentation

- pushing future entrepreneurs to be comfortable with the concept of failure

- bringing together the Seattle startup community in a humorous yet relevant environment

The Format:

6 mystery slide decks will be created to showcase 6 imaginary startups.On the day of the event, volunteers from the crowd will be asked to pitch these startups in front of Seattle's welcoming, friendly, and HUMBLE entrepreneur community. ;)

The Caveat?

- They will NOT see the slides in advance of their presentation.

- They will NOT be told the outline of critical presentation elements.

- The startups will be imaginary. They do not exist in real life... yet.

- Presentations are Ignite-style: 5 minutes total - 20 slides auto-advancing every 20 seconds.

At the conclusion of the pitches, the audience & pitchers will gather to discuss the critical elements of a good pitch and to recap highlights from the evening.

Check out this sample of what's to come:


Hope to see you there!