Winners of Seattle Legal Startup Weekend

10/14/2014 | By Forrest Carlson

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This past weekend Seattle hosted its first ever Startup Weekend devoted entirely to innovations in legal technology. Lawyers and law students teamed up with developers, designers, business gurus, and other creative geniuses to bring change to the historically hard-to-shake legal industry. You can review the events of the weekend on Twitter with a search for #swlegal and by checking out the official event handle, @seattlelegalsw.

Below is a brief description of each winning team with links to their Twitter accounts and websites.

Winners List

Third Place

Third Place was a tie between CaseBooker and Commontary.

CaseBooker is a desktop and mobile app that matches law students with other law students at their school who want to buy used casebooks.

Twitter: @CaseBooker


Commontary seeks to bridge the gap between the Internet and access to justice, acting as an online marketplace for efficient legal input where individuals and startups can get lawyer input on important legal documents.

Twitter: @CommontaryLegal


Second Place

Second Place went to Can I Drink Here (aka Stanley). Can I Drink Here is a web-based app that provides travelers a resource for the local drinking laws.

Twitter: @legaldrink


First Place

The First Place winner was Restaurant Crisis, a web-based crisis management application for food service that actively leads an onsite manager through real-time accident management.

Twitter: @crisiscapture


[caption id="attachment_20230" align="aligncenter" width="600"]photograph of Restaurant Crisis team The Restaurant Crisis Team[/caption]

Congratulations to our winners!