Blue Economy Ideation Session

11/05/2015 | By Peter Karlson

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Tonight we completed a fantastic ideation session with community members that have a vested interest in creating blue economy companies.  The common themes were:

Data - Automation - Sensors 

There were a few concepts that got distilled out of each major challenge area:

Climate Change

The causation and effect of sea level rise prompted a series of thoughts around providing an educational platform that provides public awareness and set of tools for the public to discover on their own what climate change means to them.


Tremendous opportunity for the region to leverage and expand the aquaculture businesses, especially around fin fish.  There was also a big discussion around the opportunity to provide shark detection and public warning/alerting perhaps being a platform for multiple sources to feed into the system.  Another concept was around providing more real time information to fishermen around the market information and a marketplace for them to buy/sell their catch and equipment.   Finally a hot topic and concept around the use of "ropeless fisheries" where you can anchor gear on the bottom and have it release to the surface when needed.


An enormous topic and opportunity to be the leader in the world in wastewater for the region. Innovation should drive the industry, the future will be decentralized and watershed based.  Concepts include providing information to the public about how they are using and disposing of water, collecting data, analyzing, aggregating and publishing the results.   Similar to what we do with energy usage, there are tons of parallels there.


We all loved the concept of an "ocean ranch". This allows universal platform for energy generation (wind, wave, tide, solar), research and aquaculture... awesome.

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