Sunday: Pitch Day!

02/22/2015 | By Jason Parker

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48 hours. 90 participants. 15 coaches. 10 brand new edtech startups. 5 judges.

But there's only 1 Pitch Day!


As we start today, teams are focused on finalizing and practicing their pitches. Teams will present 5-minute demos of their minimum viable products and showcase their blossoming companies.

Here's who'll pitch today:

  • Math Infusion - A company that matches kids that need/want tutoring in mathematics with teachers that have expertise (materials aligned to CCSS).
  • Village: it takes one - A company that brings curricular objectives to parents to increase student performance.
  • PNEWT - A new kind of employment agency that matches high school students with local businesses to align with curricular goals. They prepare high school students for careers, and colleges.
  • Precursor.IO - A company that connect teachers with subject matter experts and content in order to ensure that students are receiving the best lesson plans available.
  • My Support Village -
  • ExperiencEDU - A company that connects common core curriculum with materials from local businesses so students can align learning to specific professional outcomes.
  • EduLaunch - The only educational crowdfunding platform where anyone can fuel our future.
  • ClassScape - A company that brings education-based games into the classroom to tie into curricular goals.
  • A Book & A Bite - A food truck that carries fresh food to food deserts. Will include instructional materials and an in-truck video screen to show/share educational content.
  • aBay - We offer incentives for kids that achieve high grades.

Teams acquired knowledge and built products with the help of experienced coaches, many of whom are past participants from Triangle Startup Weekend events. "I am so glad that we've had the opportunities to speak with coaches today," said one participant, "each conversation was pivotal in our ability to think about our company."

Pitches begin at 3:00 PM in Duke Energy Hall at Hunt Library. They'll be judged using a specific criteria from five expert judges. Tickets are available to the public and can be ordered through our event website. So... invite all your friends!