The Real Entrepreneurs — Teachers — at Triangle Startup Weekend EDU

06/30/2014 | By jessica

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This article is written by Startup Weekend Education organizer, Karl Rectanus

After speaking on a panel to some of the brightest undergraduate students from the US and Mexico last week, I decided something: Entrepreneurs have become too cool.

Entrepreneurs are the "lead guitarist" of the 70's, the "stock broker" of the 80's, the movie star, the striker on the World Cup team, and the point guard. Miles Davis driving an electric sports car through the middle of a Vegas night club. Being an entrepreneur is all sparkly photos, fast talking and billion dollar exits. Right?

Don't believe the hype... The reality is entrepreneurs are people who solve problems for a distinct market, usually with a lot of hard work and limited resources.

So, when one of those bright undergrads asked me how I went from the classroom to the "glories" of entrepreneurship, I realized something else:

Teachers are real entrepreneurs.

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Every day, educators are solving problems for their distinct market (their classroom of students) with a lot of hard work and limited resources.  They help the students who excel and those that struggle. They invent and deliver solutions, with learning, analysis, communication, self-awareness, persistence and critical thinking as the commodity of trade. They help students move ahead on the next quiz, in the next grade, to the next level in the real world.

Do we celebrate teachers as entrepreneurs?  Not always.

That's why I'm ecstatic that our region's next installment of Triangle Startup Weekend is Education focused. The event -- at an amazing venue, The James Hunt Library on Centennial Campus at NC State on July 18-20 -- will bring educators, mentors, celebrity judges and rewards to help make new ideas into new realities. Educators and engineers, problem solvers and critical thinkers, collaborators and visionaries will gather for 54 hours of invention, competition and new solutions.

So, if you're a teacher, a student, or a regular old non-movie star that wants a dose of how real entrepreneurs create solutions, then sign up and participate.  Learn more and register.

Karl Rectanus, an educator and entrepreneur, is the CEO of Lea(R)n, Inc. an award winning early-stage company bringing quality control to education technology.


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