Oregon receives $283M in venture capital in 2014

01/15/2015 | By Brad Attig

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

Willamette Startup Weekend

Oregon Business reported today that...

"Startups earned the highest amount of investment since 2001."

That's a lot of pocket change...You can read the short article here on Oregon Business or you can get your rear end in gear and register for the next Willamette Startup Weekend being held in Corvallis.

How do you think startups get started? They don't just happen and attending a startup weekend is one of the best ways to learn if your brilliant idea has legs. Plus there is a one-day boot camp the weekend before to learn how to pitch your idea in 1 minute.

So keep dreaming and stay broke or get going and register. Early bird pricing ends soon.

Learn more here or better yet, just register now and give yourself a chance to make the big bucks...

Startup Weekend is February 6th - 8th in Corvallis, Oregon...

Startup Bootcamp is January 31st.